Philanthropy Asia Alliance crosses S$1 billion in pledges to catalyse Asian solutions for global environmental and social challenges

Temasek Trust announced the launch of its initiative, Pacific Asia Alliance (PAA), a partnership of more than 80 global members including Community Jameel and Jameel Institute, at the 3rd Philanthropy Asia Summit (PAS) in Singapore.

PAA will develop philanthropic capabilities, capacities and communities, and leverage multi-sector partnerships to advance Asian solutions for global challenges. Twenty-nine PAA-developed calls to action across three anchor mandates - climate and nature, inclusive and holistic education, and global and public health - will drive the alliance's impact-focused projects, funded through a growing philanthropic capital base of USD 777 million.

President of the Republic of Singapore Tharman Shanmugaratnam accepted PAA's invitation to be its distinguished patron. Speaking about the alliance's critical work, he said, 'Philanthropy Asia Alliance is a significant and much-needed initiative. The challenge we face is unprecedented – combining the need for bolder actions to tackle climate change with the imperatives of job creation and income growth in developing Asia. It can only be addressed through a whole new wave of innovations, in virtually every sector including farming. PAA will bring global and regional philanthropies together to work with governments, businesses, and other stakeholders to catalyse and scale up these innovations.'

Temasek Trust